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So I’m a Fan Fiction panelist at a sci-fi/fantasy convention…

Given my love of fan fiction and occasional forays into writing it, I volunteered to be a panelist at a local science fiction/fantasy convention for a panel on Fan Fiction. I started reading Star Trek fanfic ten to fifteen years ago, but my all-consuming addiction really began two or three years ago when I got into Doctor Who. Given that the panel is supposed to be on the changes in fanfic over the years, I’m wondering what other writers experiences are with it. Have you read/written exclusively online or have you tried other mediums? Did you share with a larger audience or just with actual acquaintances? How has this changed the fanfic you read and/or write? I would love and appreciate any thoughts you may have on this. Feel free to share this post. Thanks!

Panel Description:

Fan Fiction: Still Around After All These Years?

Where has it been? Where is it leading? Formerly photocopies or even mimeographs, now fanfic is online and widely available. Has this changed fanfic?

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